Festive Apparel Ideas For Men’s

So, while the grand festive season arrives, what is that one thing which keeps strolling in your mind? Outfit, right. While dressing up is a huge dilemma for men, one can do that in a simplest way by following a few fashion style tips. On a regular day, you can pick up any of your favorite pair of trousers, denims or office pants and tuck up a shirt and get going; but the main agony lies in festive dressing. So here we are to help you choose the right festive attire and modify your look this season.

You can simply reorganize your entire wardrobe and buy new stuff to look best. Here are a few clothing options for men’s traditional wear

Dhoti Kurta for men online– The contemporary style statement by itself, Dhoti gives you a good look. It looks versatile and festive when paired with a fancy bandh gala kurta or a suit. If you love it sober, go for ornate or pure cotton silk kurta with limited embroidery. For a more exceptional look, you can even try out the Nehru jacket on the top of the kurta to glam-up your looks. Dhoti Kurta has been the most preferred ethnic wear for men since decades.

Sherwani – The classic wedding outfit for men comes in various varieties and exclusive designs. They ooze the class and look imperially apt for every occasion. Be it the main shade of brocaded, they are best known to enhance every man’s look and hence is much loved by men for festive wear. You can pair up your sherwani with a salwar or a chudidaar as well and skip the stole as it appears too girlish.

Jodhpuri Suits -Another you can add in your traditional wardrobe. If you’re a man who prefers a quick dress-up, go for the royal looking Jodhpuri suits. Accentuate the attire with a pocket square or a brooch and you’re all set to step out for the traditional function. Make sure you pick up brighter shades like navy blue, dark maroon, saffron, deep black and gray while shopping for ethnic wear online.

Kurta Pajama – Simplicity is the best a man can get. The elegant long kurta can be teamed up with any sober piece of pajama or even a pair of denim jeans for that matter. If the occasion isn’t too huge or grand you can opt for this minimalistic traditional dressing option. The linen kurta pajama is in fashion these days. While you shop for men’s kurta online, make sure you check the latest fashion and trends as the designers keep coming up with new styles every day.

So now that we have armed you with some great traditional wear options, make sure you try out some of these and create an impact on your next festive occasion.


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