Where to Find Men’s Kurta Pajama?

1364550_0x580.jpgMen’s kurta pajama is considered to be a very conventional Indian wear. kurta is worn over pajama. It is a kind of long and loose fitting shirt that is long in length over pants. The kurta pajama can be either of short length or of full length. In short length it is up to the waist. Full length can be till knees. It depends on the occasion that the kurta should be simple or designer, formal. This is mostly worn dhoti. With just a little bit of variation in the pajama or in the kurta, the outfit can be worn in many different ways.

Some of the examples for kurta pajama style are pathani style, churidar etc. men’s kurta pajama is very important when it comes to weddings and occasions. Kurta pajamas are considered to be one of the most favorite outfits amongst men. Some of the latest trends in men’s collection are wedding men’s kurta pajama that are embroidered kurta and pajama for occasions like marriages and wedding receptions.

1364580_0x580.jpgPlace to search for men’s kurta pajamas

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Mehendi is one of the most important occasions for marriage and you need to be comfortable and look stylish as well. It is a kind of function in which kurta pajama with less embroidered and print would work. Some of the recent collections for kurta pajama include silk kurta pajama, or designer brocade kurta pajama or designer kurta pajama etc. designer kurta pajama are perfect wear for those who want to stand out and look different in whole of the crowd. Men’s kurta pajama is available in different designs, shades and sizes to fulfill the demand of the customer.

In present days’ exclusive collections of Men’s Kurta include jacquard designer or silk designer kurta pajama and etc. bridal kurta pajama are also available in different fabrics and designs. The wedding pajama is manufactured using a very good quality of fabric in order that the fabric has long life and proves to be extremely cost effective. Recent collection of wedding kurta pajama for the groom includes dhoti kurta or full embroidered kurta pajama and much more. You may wear a decent kurta pajama for the sangeet ceremony too this is the typical conventional men’s wear.

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Types of Wedding Dresses for Indian Grooms

During weddings, brides get all the attention. They start shopping for their wedding lehenga and jewelry few months before the wedding day. And during the time, the bride gets all the support and advices from family and friends. Everybody gets busy with the shopping of bridal vestment and the groom is left alone. Does it happen to you as well? If yes, then the list of wedding wear for men would be help you in this time. And if your answer to the question was no then also you can read the article to know about different types of wedding wear for grooms.

1363371_0x580.jpgGroom Sherwani

Sherwani is generally the first choice of every groom. And if you are planning to wear a sherwani on the wedding day then it is a good decision. Sherwani is actually a traditional vestment but can be modified for Indo-western look. The dress consists of an overcoat and a pajama at the bottom. The overcoat is embroidered and embellished that makes it suitable for festive occasions. Golden, maroon and red are the most common colors in Sherwani and the choice varies from person to person.

Brides & Grooms can coordinate the colors of their wedding dresses for a perfect look at the wedding day.

1363426_0x580.jpgWedding Kurta Pajama

Sherwanis are generally heavy and for some grooms it may not be easy to carry a sherwani. In such cases, they can always consider to wear a wedding kurta pajama. Kurta pajama is again a traditional wear and makes a perfect look for the wedding day. Men’s Wedding Kurta are available in different styles and patterns and grooms get designed according to their taste and body shape. In the category of kurta pajama, wide range of designs are available at stores and you need to look at all the options before finalizing the wedding outfit.

Wedding Suits & Tuxedos

Grooms have the option for wearing wedding suits and tuxedos on the wedding day. To look best in a tuxedo, you need to sure that it fits very well. An unfitted suit will simply ruin your whole look.

All the above categories have plenty of variations and we can say that there is no lack of options for wedding dresses for men. Start searching for the perfect outfit before your wedding.

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Indo-Western Fusion Trends for Men

Indo-western fusion trends are taking over men’s fashion in India and the Nehru jacket and indo-western sherwani are shining examples.

In a country like India where many cultures merge together, fashion thrives by borrowing from different cultures. One of the most popular elements of Indian fashion is the merging of Indian and western fashion elements that include design and silhouette. This trend is not only popular but also quite necessary as western trends catch on with accelerated speed via means of the internet and television; Indian fashion stays ahead by merging the best elements of ethnic wear with the trending elements of western wear. This apparent regard for fusion fashion is apparent in the way both Indian women and men style themselves on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at these indo-western styling trends for men like the Nehru jacket paired up with everyday casuals or the Indo-western sherwani for wedding and festive wear.

1321842_0x580Nehru Jackets for Fusion Fashion

Nehru jackets are the current numero-uno garment for Indo-western fusion dressing. If one looks in to the origin of the Nehru jacket which was created in the 1940’s one will realize that the jacket was inspired by the English blazer and ever since then this jacket has been paired up with English silhouette trousers. Today the Nehru jacket has evolved from being limited to a formal garment to one that makes for great indo-western casual wear. The Nehru jacket has been largely accepted by the younger demographic of Indian males who are pairing this jacket up with casual mandarin collared shirts/round neck tees and denims/chinos. This trend allows for casual dressing that is dapper and sophisticated which is a welcome break from grungy tees and loose fitted jeans.

1321512_0x580Indo-Western Sherwani for Wedding and Festive Fusion Fashion

The Sherwani is one of the finest examples of ethnic wear for a man, which effectively represents the spirit of festivity and jubilation associated with Indian weddings and festivals. This is the exact reason why this garment is so widely accepted by men across India for celebratory events. The Sherwani is commonly worn by Men of all ages for festivals and weddings. Diwali and Eid are just two major festivals when you are bound to see men step out of their homes in trendy sherwanis. The sherwani is also the uncrowned official wedding wear for men and the cultural importance of this garment and its widespread favorability inspires designer across India to work exclusively on sherwani and present new collections every season that are fashion forward and trendy. The one sherwani trend that has taken off in a big way in these last few years is the indo-western sherwani for men. This garment is quite alike the traditional sherwani however it is mostly shorter with a typical western wear appeal. The indo-western sherwani is often stitched with heavy suiting fabrics and is comparatively less ornamented and embellished in comparison to the traditional sherwani. Some of India’s most loved designers are constantly presenting new collections of indo-western sherwanis further fueling this trend.

Good Reasons to Buy Nehru Jackets Online

Having got its name from the first Prime Minister of India; Jawaharlal Nehru, the Nehru jacket is now one of the most popular ethnic jackets for men. This mandarin collar jacket comes in many variations and is both elegant and stylish. These jackets are worth adding to your closet for so many reasons and the primary reason is the fact that this garment is truly versatile and looks equally good with western casuals, formals and the ethnic wear kurta pajama. The Nehru jacket is widely available in stores and on e-commerce retail sites online but there are many benefits to buying the Nehru jacket Online.

1321877_0x580Choose from a wide range of Nehru Jackets Online

Simply making a Google search for Nehru jackets online will allow you to choose from a wide range of Nehru jackets being sold from e-commerce retail sites online. One can also conveniently narrow their search in terms of particular designer labels, fabrics and styles. The aptitude for choosing from many different kinds of Nehru jackets online is unmatched when compared to making your purchase at a store location.

The Convenience of Buying Online

One should also take in to consideration the convenience of making a purchase online. When you buy a Nehru jacket from an e-commerce retail site, you get to pick out the jacket that is best for you and matches the purpose of use that you have in mind as you get to choose from a wide range of products without leaving your home. Making payments for a purchase online is also quite convenient as you can use various payment modes and one can easily return the garment if undesired without even leaving the house.

Discounts and Special Offers

Being an online shopper often means enjoying discounts and special offers that people who make purchases at malls and stores do not enjoy often. This is because e-commerce retail is quite financially less taxing when compared to selling at a store and most retailers like to pass down a portion of those savings to their customers. One should keep in mind that just like retail stores and malls, one is insured to be able to avail of special discounts online during festival season and even enjoy the benefits of end of season sales.


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If you are looking for men’s sherwani or Indo Western Sherwani, you can find them at reasonable prices online. But apart from the sherwani, the Indian groom now has a host of other options such as achkan, kurta pajama, pathani suits and western wear

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Fabulously designed blazers for Men:

When it comes to the blazers, they are mostly designed and marketed for men. Keeping fact that markets don’t have good quality and trendy blazers for men, professional designers have designed several good quality blazers only for men. These are very high quality and fabulously designed blazers that are available in various styles and different colours and shades. They are designed by professional designers to add a stunning look to your personality. Low on budget? Don’t worry. Although there is an increase in the styling factor and the quality of these blazers, but Online stores make sure that they are available to you at the best price. And with online stores, it is possible to reach more customers who are otherwise left from these types of opportunities because of their locations.

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Choosing the Best Wedding Attire for the Groom

It is perpetually stated that all the consideration should be on the bride with her gorgeous dress, her appealing hair, and accessories. Later on all, it took her month’s to prepare it in order that all eyes may be firmly on her. But that doesn’t signify you as the groom should fade into the backdrop. It’s your big day too, and you’re footing subsequently to her, you should look good as well.

The men are not afraid of embracing fashion and you shouldn’t be afraid of being more than a little trendy on your great day. You require appearing fashionable, sophisticated, and timeless and standing away from the bunch. When browsing around, look at different styles of men’s suits and the different colors available. You don’t have to put on a black suit because you’re going to a wedding. Navy, gray, brown and even brighter colors could be perfect depending on your personal preference, dash and the theme of your marriage ceremony.

You should shop around for a stylish and bright. Don’t just shoot up the first suit you consider. Most human beings hate to shop but remember that this is for your big day. You will be capable of getting inspiration from diverse places and reaching an informed conclusion. You simply walk down the aisle in one case, and then why not put in a classic Designer Suit? There are so many different ways you can be dressed in it later. Buying your suit is significance the savings. Most grooms hire their wedding suits, whether it is for ease or cost saving. Even though you are merely wearing it for a few hours, it is certainly a safer idea to purchase your own suit.

1321512_0x580The wedding suit, which the groom should wear, has to make him look honest and feel at his best. Like wedding gowns, wedding suits are likewise in various styles and kinds and not precisely confined to the traditional black suits that most humans prefer to get into.

Indian marriages are unique due to the attire worn both by the bride and the groom. After dressing up with the elegant looking wedding attire, the groom accompanied with the barat enters the bride’s residence to replace the permanent wedding vows. Groom accessories play a very significant part in a traditional Indian marriage. Indian wedding planners pay a big importance to Sherwani which is one of the main accessories for the groom.

The Sherwani is worn with heavy Corridor Kurta or Jodhpuri Suit and it fills an important position in the pantheon of the exhaustive array of Indian wedding dresses. Thither are many special funds and even boutiques catering to the various aspects of the dress for Indian Groom? For celebrity weddings, many a times the wedding attire like Wedding Sherwani and even shoes are conceptualized and designed by the renowned designers of India.

For grooms who prefer a blend of the Indian and the western style, a Jodhpuri Suit is the reply. It comprises a shirt, a coat, and trousers. The coat is close to the same distance as a western coat and features heavy work creating a majestic feel and smell.

Important accessories such as the Safa, Sehra, and the Mojari complete the wedding attire of the groom. Safe is a turban made of rich clothes and has beaded folding and embroidery. A plume or a jeweled brooch is often pinned on the movement of the Safa. Sera are the string of flowers that fall from a Safa and cuts through the facial expression of the bridegroom. Mojari is ornamented and embroidered wedding footwear worn by the groom.

The Most Trendy Men’s Tuxedos

Today men are a lot of dress-conscious than ever before and wearing the proper fitting tuxedo suits very helps in sticking a positive personality. It’s a proven fact that the tuxedo has not very been trendy for very durable. However, lately, designers from New York, Paris, and Milan have reinvented the tuxedo for this generation.

51554_0x580Catching with the newest trend in tuxedo suits isn’t enough, it’s also necessary to keep up and carry oneself with buoyancy. There cannot be two opinions that men’s tuxedo suit is that the right choice for any formal wear occasion. However finding the correct tuxedo and formal accessories can alone offer the right look to your personality.

When it involves choosing men’s wear for special occasions, the task might not be daunting, however, it’s necessary to form an educated decision supported a way of fashion and vision. The men’s tuxedos are specially placed along by specialists with a keen eye for style. These tuxedo vests can be single or double-breasted looking on however formal or informal you would like to see on the occasion. Be it a proper wedding, prom or cruise and everyone formal and informal functions, your tuxedo jacket is the mood setter. Whether or not traditional or stylish, the tuxedo jacket style sets the tone for the event.

The designer tuxedo trousers, tuxedo vests, and exquisite dinner jacket shirts are often simply selected on-line. You’ll be able to combine and match and take a preview of the suit before you even try it on. The net drag and drop technique helps to have fun because you buy the exclusive tuxedo suit. Designer tuxedos offer the more cognateness to the formal look of men’s suits. The designer tuxedos are of prime quality, made from fine pure wool fabrics, and can last for years. The only distinction between the designer tuxedo suits is that the overall work of the garment and therefore the totally different materials used.

Tuxedo suit is acceptable for business wear daytime conferences and for social occasions. Double breasted tuxedo suit is often worn in summer as well as in springs. Man’s double-breasted tuxedo designs good for each work and play, be it business or entertainment. Tuxedo coat that overlaps itself within the front could also be worn with four buttons or six buttons.

Tuxedo trousers are out there in a type of colors and are made up of material that the user can notice flattering. One will select from pinstripes to regular stripes and therefore the rich-looking ones and therefore the economy suits. The tuxedos, in most places, are sold-out as complete sets – tuxedo trousers, matching tuxedo vests and complimenting tuxedo shirts. Tuxedo trousers and tuxedo vests are typically similar in material patterns and texture because the tuxedo shirts vary in step with a personal alternative.

Here are some valuable tips from knowledgeable men’s suit designers:

  • Wear what you think that appearance smart on you and not get confused with what others believe is stylish.
  • Never build extraordinary efforts to seem trendy that you just find yourself overdoing it and become humorous.
  • Don’t be over-influenced by what you see in fashion magazines and on TV.
  • Dress adequately to impress others in business teams or social gatherings and don’t conceive to be too gaudy.