Indo-Western Fusion Trends for Men

Indo-western fusion trends are taking over men’s fashion in India and the Nehru jacket and indo-western sherwani are shining examples.

In a country like India where many cultures merge together, fashion thrives by borrowing from different cultures. One of the most popular elements of Indian fashion is the merging of Indian and western fashion elements that include design and silhouette. This trend is not only popular but also quite necessary as western trends catch on with accelerated speed via means of the internet and television; Indian fashion stays ahead by merging the best elements of ethnic wear with the trending elements of western wear. This apparent regard for fusion fashion is apparent in the way both Indian women and men style themselves on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at these indo-western styling trends for men like the Nehru jacket paired up with everyday casuals or the Indo-western sherwani for wedding and festive wear.

1321842_0x580Nehru Jackets for Fusion Fashion

Nehru jackets are the current numero-uno garment for Indo-western fusion dressing. If one looks in to the origin of the Nehru jacket which was created in the 1940’s one will realize that the jacket was inspired by the English blazer and ever since then this jacket has been paired up with English silhouette trousers. Today the Nehru jacket has evolved from being limited to a formal garment to one that makes for great indo-western casual wear. The Nehru jacket has been largely accepted by the younger demographic of Indian males who are pairing this jacket up with casual mandarin collared shirts/round neck tees and denims/chinos. This trend allows for casual dressing that is dapper and sophisticated which is a welcome break from grungy tees and loose fitted jeans.

1321512_0x580Indo-Western Sherwani for Wedding and Festive Fusion Fashion

The Sherwani is one of the finest examples of ethnic wear for a man, which effectively represents the spirit of festivity and jubilation associated with Indian weddings and festivals. This is the exact reason why this garment is so widely accepted by men across India for celebratory events. The Sherwani is commonly worn by Men of all ages for festivals and weddings. Diwali and Eid are just two major festivals when you are bound to see men step out of their homes in trendy sherwanis. The sherwani is also the uncrowned official wedding wear for men and the cultural importance of this garment and its widespread favorability inspires designer across India to work exclusively on sherwani and present new collections every season that are fashion forward and trendy. The one sherwani trend that has taken off in a big way in these last few years is the indo-western sherwani for men. This garment is quite alike the traditional sherwani however it is mostly shorter with a typical western wear appeal. The indo-western sherwani is often stitched with heavy suiting fabrics and is comparatively less ornamented and embellished in comparison to the traditional sherwani. Some of India’s most loved designers are constantly presenting new collections of indo-western sherwanis further fueling this trend.


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