Wedding Kurta and Sherwani for the Groom

Wedding apparels for men are as important as the Bride’s outfit. The groom has many options in terms of styling and trends, but in this article we focus on wedding sherwani and Wedding Kurta.

A wedding kurta is essentially a Kurta and Pajama that has rich fabric and embroidery. The detailing and embroidery are done using traditional embroidery styles including Kantha, Dori or Appliqué detailing. The Colors of the embroidery are complimentary, rather than contrasting, to the Color of the outfit. The wedding kurta pajama is usually made of Silk. Recently, grooms have experimented with brighter Colors, especially those matching the bride’s outfits, including Blue, Magenta and Red. If grooms keep the simple outfit, the Scarves are the area to experiment and introduce Color to the look. The scarves can be embroidered, printed and in luxurious fabric like heavy silks and sometimes also in handloom fabrics.

Wedding sherwani is a beautiful apparel that look elegant and glamorous. The jackets traditionally have a Nehru collar and can be waist length or knee length. Mens wedding sherwani Colors change with fashion trends, but timeless Colors like Maroon, red and cream are always popular. Bolder Colors like blue, aquamarine, green and purple are also options that modern grooms. Similar to wedding kurtas, wedding sherwanis also feature beautiful and fabulous embroidery. While a Nehru collar is traditional, a Jama cut or an Angarkha cut are also popular. The styling and cut is usually dependent as much on the individual choice as it is on the community of the families involved.

Designers have created elegantly styled men’s wedding clothing for many generations. The design sensibilities have evolved from the time of the Maharajas and Kings, but the elegance and the craftsmanship have remained true to the craft. Designers create sherwanis for weddings for a wide range of customers, including multiple price points. Value is usually placed on the embroidery and fabric used by the designer. Timeless styles have persisted over many generations and a good sherwani is usually an investment that lasts many years.

For indo western styling and design sensibilities, designers create Wedding Sherwanis that appeal to Indian and International grooms. The Color palette was modern and the fine embroidery. The quality of fabric and embroidery is un-matched and so is the value for money.

Choose a wedding sherwani online with care, you want it to be one that can be worn again. So the style, Colors, embroidery and most importantly the quality are crucial. Designers should be the first port of call for anyone shops for Designer Sherwanis.

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Where to Find a Fabulous Wedding Kurtas for Men?

Wedding kurta pajama for men is considered a conventional Indian wear. Indian Kurta is the tunic and is worn over pajama. It is a type of long and loose fitting shirt too long in length over pants. The Kurta pajama can be either of short length or of full long length. In short length it is up to the waist. Full length can be till knees. Depends on the occasion, the kurta should be simple or designer. This is mostly worn with long flowing skirt or veshti. With just a little bit of variation in the pajama or in the kurta, the Indian outfit can be worn in many ways.

Some examples for Kurta pajama style are pathani style churidhar pajama etc. Men’s Kurta pajama is important when it comes to weddings and occasions. Kurta pajamas are considered one of the best outfits for men. Some of the latest trends in men’s collection are wedding Kurta pajama for men that are embroidered kurta and pajama for occasions like marriages and wedding receptions.

Places Where to search for men’s Kurta Pajamas:

You may find Bodyline Store for men’s traditional item of clothing. All over the internet and you could purchase it online. At Bodyline, you could find the perfect price and design ratio according to your wish. That too all these clothing is at reasonable price which purchased online and then it will also deliver at your home in all over the world.

Present days exclusive collections of mens wedding kurta include designer or silk designer kurta pajama etc. Designer kurta pajama is also available in different fabrics and designs. The wedding kurta pajama is manufactured using a good quality of fabric that the fabric has long life and have effective cost. Recent collection of wedding kurta pajama for the groom includes dhoti kurta or designer kurta pajama and much more. You may wear a decent Kurta pajama for the other ceremony too this is the conventional men’s wear.

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Give Your Wardrobe an Elegance Look

Is your trusty suit falling to pieces? Never felt like you might one day need to invest in a few new pieces for your formal wardrobe? If the time has come to update your attire, you’re in for a treat because the high street has never seen so many stylish pieces in new shapes and new fabrics with innovative design elements.

Prepare to spend a bit of money as it’s well worth investing in quality items that will see you through a fair few seasons rather than taking the cheap route that could see your new garments shrink after just a few washes, simply be uncomfortable or look cheap in situations where you should actually be oozing glamour.


First of all, men’s blazers come in single breasted and double breasted. Try what style suits you best as both are considered on trend. Once more, explore your options when it comes to fabric, but be sure to team it well with your trousers as a mismatched look risks making you look scruffy and unprofessional. Fabrics are like those used to make trousers – linen and cotton mixes for summer and wool blends for chillier times of the year.

Try color combinations, like light Grey with navy blue or black to make your look more unique.

Nowadays, mens blazers also come adorned with pocket, lapel and button detailing. Narrow lapels are a hit, as are front pockets that add simple yet striking features to a “standard” suit.


The selection for men’s suits are endless varying from a man’s lifestyle, budget, body type, type of occasion and most importantly, the preference of the wearer to look charming and handsome.


Men’s tuxedos are the best choice as formal wear in evening events and social functions like weddings and basically any formal or semi-formal gathering. These are prominent wear for such occasions because it gives off much elegance and masculinity to the wearer. Normally, black tuxedos are the best choice for its elegance and style. But other colors for this suit type are also perfect for formal occasions especially its counterpart, the white tuxedos which connote reality and simplicity in style.


Be bold and wear a striking tie, cuff links, colored socks and pair of patent shoes. Again, these elements will make you ooze with confidence and charm. People are likely to approach you, even if just to compliment your look. Don’t go overboard though and remember to opt for a block-coloured tie or one in an “inoffensive” pattern. Be sure to pair the colour of your socks with your tie or, alternatively, choose one or the other.

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What You Should Know About Tailored Suits

For any occasion, business or elegant, finely tailored suits fit the bill. Whatever your style and whatever the occasion a perfectly made men’s suit makes an impression on the people around you. Your suit speaks volumes about you and your personal style; make sure it’s saying the right things about you. Perfectly tailored suits that have been made specifically to fit your body and no one else’s are the only way for you to truly express yourself. Bespoke tailored suits are of the best possible quality. Their handcrafted works of art help to define who you are from the fabric selected to the finest silk thread. You will never feel as comfortable and confident in a suit as you will in a suit that was crafted just for you.

14613_0x580Born of tradition from Savile Row in London England, with centuries of experience being passed down through the generations to expert tailors, the bespoke way of creating a finely tailored suit with you and your style in the forefront, these artists will certainly make you shine. For instance, your suit pants will contain the curves required to insure the right fit for you. By the same token, a high set armhole can be made to help you appear slimmer. It’s all about making for you the perfect men’s suit.

The bespoke tailor takes great pride in assuring that you look your absolute best. For some men the traditionally styled men’s suit is a great option, but for others a more modern contemporary look fits best with the style of others. Men’s suits should be as individual as the man wearing it. Having the perfectly tailored suit made to fit your body is certainly the best possible choice for you if you wish to express your style. The consultants at local and online shops will help you choose the right fabric and color for you by utilizing tools for an accurate color analysis. All of this effort is devoted to you to help you to better understand what works best for you and why.

When you decide to have a bespoke men’s suit made, you must understand the two main types that are available. The two ways a bespoke can be designed are either full or semi bespoke. The fully bespoke men’s suit is completely hand crafted with as many as five thousand hand stitches and over eighty hours of very intensive labor. The second is less labor intensive and less costly and it is made to measure, the main difference is that the semi bespoke suit has some machine stitching and some hand stitching. Basically the semi bespoke suit is a half and half cross between fully bespoke and off the rack styles.

The fully bespoke suit, because it is so labor intensive, takes a substantial amount of time to create. If you have a special event coming up, you will need to allow at least six or eight weeks for your suit to be completed. It can take more time if more fittings are required.


As you prepare for your next big occasion that requires perfectly tailored suits or a simpler mens suit, whether it is a business meeting or a wedding, begin your bespoke adventure at Bodyline!

Make your Wedding Unique with Bodyline Wedding Sherwanis

There are several things are involved in wedding, perhaps the most important things are wedding rings and a wedding dress. Many people come to wedding not only to congratulate to the wedding couple but to have an assessment of the type and the quality of the wedding dress the groom would put on.

1363371_0x580It is not always the most expensive wedding apparel that is the best. Price which the dress is sold can be decided by lots of things. Depending on the outlet from where one buys the wedding sherwani, it can be purchased at affordable prices if one decides to buy from outlets like the internet.

To have wedding sherwani one has to search for it diligently. The problem is that some people does not have patience to search for the important item they need from the internet. There are several websites in the internet, all kinds of men’s dresses for a wedding. One can always search for the design, size as well as the style of the dress he can use on the wedding day. The advantage of buying online is that the prices they offer the wedding Sherwani is reliable than what one can buy them from any other place. They are able to sell at low prices.

The era when one has to spend the family fortune just to buy only one item for the marriage is over. There are many varieties groom sherwani that have flooded the market. One needs to make out the time and look for them.

One of the factors that one should always consider in making a choice about the wedding Indian sherwani is the type of wedding they are planning to do. It they are planning for a reception they should better use wedding suits for men because this will make it easier for them to move about during the reception. One important thing during weddings is the ability to move about, the groom should not compromise this.

The another factor that has to be considered at the time to choice for the wedding dress is the season of the wedding is taking place. The type of wedding that is used during the winter should not be similar with the one that would be used in the summer season.

The other important factor that is influential in making a decision about wedding sherwani to be used for the wedding is the wedding theme. The colour of the dress must be compatible with the wedding theme.

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Traditional Sets of Fashion: Kurtas Pajamas Are Definitely in Trend

A Kurta is most popular upper garments in South Asia that is worn, mostly with a pair of pajama or jeans. It originates from South Asia and majority of peoples around are wearing them.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”-Lauren Hutton.

432084_0x580This famous quote pretty much sums the exquisite flavor of fashion everyone is after, and ‘kurtas’ are sure to entice your fashion buds in ways more than one. ‘Kurtas ‘ not only are cozy to wear and comfortable when you commute during the sultry summer season, they complement your attires with great elegance. In Embroidered silk, cotton, linen and in colours bright and beige they are sure to lend you a very different sense of personal style, unique in many ways. From big weddings to 1st days at college, they never are out of fashion. Styling yourself in a kurta pajama makes you look slender and classy, and they can be chosen to brave the heat or best an occasion. Even simplest of kurtas worn with the right accessories and footwear can give you a fashion start.

Every man’s wardrobe in incomplete without this ethnic ensemble and it is recommended that you experiment with different colors and fabrics to perfect your over all look. Throw in a pair of denims below a kurta pajama ensemble, and this cocktail of contemporariness and class goes a long way in giving you that “Cool Dude’ look. Don’t limit yourself to shades of white but expand your collection with kurtas in colors of lavender, green, maroon and blue. Colorful Kurta pajamas need minimal accessories and go tone in tone with a semi-formal occasion. Kurtas in art silk give a regal look without burning a hole in the pocket. Kurtas can be opted with different sartorial tastes and fits to suit a particular physique. Long kurtas are for tall men while short kurtas make short men look taller. Mix and match or contrast and complement.

Kurtas open up a new domain of endless fashion folklores for men. One of the best things about kurtas is the freedom that it gives you to style it. First timers particularly love kurta pajamas with jacket for their flattering cuts and variegated style options. The pleasure that comes from exploring the intricacies of this ethnic Indian delight is unmatched. Furthermore, choosing from the many options that you have, previously involved careful selection from by physical sorting, but has now been brought to your very door steps with fashion website selling kurtas Pajama online through the web like Bodyline Store. With a few simple clicks you could now traverse through a host of options to get the kurtas of your choice in various colors, fabrics, cuts and sizes.