What You Should Know About Tailored Suits

For any occasion, business or elegant, finely tailored suits fit the bill. Whatever your style and whatever the occasion a perfectly made men’s suit makes an impression on the people around you. Your suit speaks volumes about you and your personal style; make sure it’s saying the right things about you. Perfectly tailored suits that have been made specifically to fit your body and no one else’s are the only way for you to truly express yourself. Bespoke tailored suits are of the best possible quality. Their handcrafted works of art help to define who you are from the fabric selected to the finest silk thread. You will never feel as comfortable and confident in a suit as you will in a suit that was crafted just for you.

14613_0x580Born of tradition from Savile Row in London England, with centuries of experience being passed down through the generations to expert tailors, the bespoke way of creating a finely tailored suit with you and your style in the forefront, these artists will certainly make you shine. For instance, your suit pants will contain the curves required to insure the right fit for you. By the same token, a high set armhole can be made to help you appear slimmer. It’s all about making for you the perfect men’s suit.

The bespoke tailor takes great pride in assuring that you look your absolute best. For some men the traditionally styled men’s suit is a great option, but for others a more modern contemporary look fits best with the style of others. Men’s suits should be as individual as the man wearing it. Having the perfectly tailored suit made to fit your body is certainly the best possible choice for you if you wish to express your style. The consultants at local and online shops will help you choose the right fabric and color for you by utilizing tools for an accurate color analysis. All of this effort is devoted to you to help you to better understand what works best for you and why.

When you decide to have a bespoke men’s suit made, you must understand the two main types that are available. The two ways a bespoke can be designed are either full or semi bespoke. The fully bespoke men’s suit is completely hand crafted with as many as five thousand hand stitches and over eighty hours of very intensive labor. The second is less labor intensive and less costly and it is made to measure, the main difference is that the semi bespoke suit has some machine stitching and some hand stitching. Basically the semi bespoke suit is a half and half cross between fully bespoke and off the rack styles.

The fully bespoke suit, because it is so labor intensive, takes a substantial amount of time to create. If you have a special event coming up, you will need to allow at least six or eight weeks for your suit to be completed. It can take more time if more fittings are required.


As you prepare for your next big occasion that requires perfectly tailored suits or a simpler mens suit, whether it is a business meeting or a wedding, begin your bespoke adventure at Bodyline!


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