Give Your Wardrobe an Elegance Look

Is your trusty suit falling to pieces? Never felt like you might one day need to invest in a few new pieces for your formal wardrobe? If the time has come to update your attire, you’re in for a treat because the high street has never seen so many stylish pieces in new shapes and new fabrics with innovative design elements.

Prepare to spend a bit of money as it’s well worth investing in quality items that will see you through a fair few seasons rather than taking the cheap route that could see your new garments shrink after just a few washes, simply be uncomfortable or look cheap in situations where you should actually be oozing glamour.


First of all, men’s blazers come in single breasted and double breasted. Try what style suits you best as both are considered on trend. Once more, explore your options when it comes to fabric, but be sure to team it well with your trousers as a mismatched look risks making you look scruffy and unprofessional. Fabrics are like those used to make trousers – linen and cotton mixes for summer and wool blends for chillier times of the year.

Try color combinations, like light Grey with navy blue or black to make your look more unique.

Nowadays, mens blazers also come adorned with pocket, lapel and button detailing. Narrow lapels are a hit, as are front pockets that add simple yet striking features to a “standard” suit.


The selection for men’s suits are endless varying from a man’s lifestyle, budget, body type, type of occasion and most importantly, the preference of the wearer to look charming and handsome.


Men’s tuxedos are the best choice as formal wear in evening events and social functions like weddings and basically any formal or semi-formal gathering. These are prominent wear for such occasions because it gives off much elegance and masculinity to the wearer. Normally, black tuxedos are the best choice for its elegance and style. But other colors for this suit type are also perfect for formal occasions especially its counterpart, the white tuxedos which connote reality and simplicity in style.


Be bold and wear a striking tie, cuff links, colored socks and pair of patent shoes. Again, these elements will make you ooze with confidence and charm. People are likely to approach you, even if just to compliment your look. Don’t go overboard though and remember to opt for a block-coloured tie or one in an “inoffensive” pattern. Be sure to pair the colour of your socks with your tie or, alternatively, choose one or the other.

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