Wedding Kurta and Sherwani for the Groom

Wedding apparels for men are as important as the Bride’s outfit. The groom has many options in terms of styling and trends, but in this article we focus on wedding sherwani and Wedding Kurta.

A wedding kurta is essentially a Kurta and Pajama that has rich fabric and embroidery. The detailing and embroidery are done using traditional embroidery styles including Kantha, Dori or Appliqué detailing. The Colors of the embroidery are complimentary, rather than contrasting, to the Color of the outfit. The wedding kurta pajama is usually made of Silk. Recently, grooms have experimented with brighter Colors, especially those matching the bride’s outfits, including Blue, Magenta and Red. If grooms keep the simple outfit, the Scarves are the area to experiment and introduce Color to the look. The scarves can be embroidered, printed and in luxurious fabric like heavy silks and sometimes also in handloom fabrics.

Wedding sherwani is a beautiful apparel that look elegant and glamorous. The jackets traditionally have a Nehru collar and can be waist length or knee length. Mens wedding sherwani Colors change with fashion trends, but timeless Colors like Maroon, red and cream are always popular. Bolder Colors like blue, aquamarine, green and purple are also options that modern grooms. Similar to wedding kurtas, wedding sherwanis also feature beautiful and fabulous embroidery. While a Nehru collar is traditional, a Jama cut or an Angarkha cut are also popular. The styling and cut is usually dependent as much on the individual choice as it is on the community of the families involved.

Designers have created elegantly styled men’s wedding clothing for many generations. The design sensibilities have evolved from the time of the Maharajas and Kings, but the elegance and the craftsmanship have remained true to the craft. Designers create sherwanis for weddings for a wide range of customers, including multiple price points. Value is usually placed on the embroidery and fabric used by the designer. Timeless styles have persisted over many generations and a good sherwani is usually an investment that lasts many years.

For indo western styling and design sensibilities, designers create Wedding Sherwanis that appeal to Indian and International grooms. The Color palette was modern and the fine embroidery. The quality of fabric and embroidery is un-matched and so is the value for money.

Choose a wedding sherwani online with care, you want it to be one that can be worn again. So the style, Colors, embroidery and most importantly the quality are crucial. Designers should be the first port of call for anyone shops for Designer Sherwanis.

Color co-ordinate options for couples that want to make sure they look their coordinated best on the wedding day are available at Bodyline Store. Custom Colors and customized sizing options are standard for designer sherwani. Make sure you shop the right sherwani from the best place for wedding sherwani and mens wedding kurta, i.e. Bodyline Store.


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