Designer Wedding Kurta Pajama for Men

1321777_0x580Kurta Pajama is one of the basic styles of conventional Indian wear of men. The kurta is male tunic that is worn over a Pajama. It is a long and loose-fitting long shirt over pants. The Kurta Pajama can either be full length or short length till the waist. The full length kurta can be till the ankles or till the knees. The Kurta style can be either formal or informal depending on how it is actually made. This is commonly worn with veshti or long flowing skirt. With a little variation in the kurta or in the Pajama, the Indian attire can be worn in various ways. Some of the common styles are: the regular style, pathani kurta online, kurta and Churidhar Pajama.

Wedding kurta pajama: The most important of the wedding is the dress to be worn. Kurta pajama is one of the most favored choices of dress for men. Some of the recent collections of wedding kurta pajama are embroidered kurta pajamas for marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions, designer wedding kurtta pajama, Indian Kurta pajama and many more.

Mehendi kurta pajama: Mehendi is one of the important parts of the marriage. It is a function that requires less embroidered or printed dresses. Here are some of the recent collection of Mehendi kurta pajama includes Mehndi silk kurta pajama, designer brocade mehndi Kurta pajama, designer mehndi Kurta pajama and etc.

Designer kurta pajama: This kind of pajama is perfect wear for those who want to look distinct in the crowd. It is available in variety of colors, designs and sizes to satisfy the needs of the customers. An exclusive collection of designer kurta pajama includes silk designer kurta pajama, jacquard designer Kurta pajama, brocade designer Kurta pajama and etc.

Sangeet kurta pajama: During the Sangeet ceremony men typically wear conventional kurta pajamas. An extensive collection of Sangeet kurta pajamas are designer Sangeet kurta pajama, silk kurta pajama, jacquard Sangeet kurta pajama and so on.

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Changing the Face of Traditional Sherwani

The journey of the sherwani goes back several centuries – as a matter of fact, the first versions of this now popular outfit goes back to the late Mughal and early British periods. It is considered that the first sherwani was based on the British frock coat, but it was made more appropriate for the Indian subcontinent, in the sense that it would be worn over a kurta pajama.

In the years since, the outfit has seen several changes and what we see today is the vision of several talented designers and the insistence of several fashion forward men.

In the past few years, the manner in which the mens sherwani are being designed and worn has changed dramatically.

There was once a time when the sherwani was worn mainly with the pajama, but these days, they are being teamed with dhotis, Patiala salwars, churidar and even regular formal trousers. Today, the sherwani is the preferred choice for most grooms to be and even their best friends and close family members. Not only does the attire proffer a sense of royalty, it is also quite comfortable, especially when it has to be worn for long hours, at a stretch.

If you are looking to pick up a sherwani for a special occasion, such as your own wedding or the wedding of a close family, keep a few things in mind. Start with assessing your own body type, because your body structure will help you pick out the best design.

If you are on the taller side, you will be able to carry off most styles of sherwani and you will be able to combine them with any kind of lowers. However, if you are on the shorter side, then you might not be able to carry of the sherwani with a dhoti, because it might make you look shorter.

While a lot of brides and grooms like to colour coordinate on their special days, you might want to go for a colour that is contrasting, yet complimentary. For instance, if your bride is wearing maroon, you could go for a cream or beige, which will look nice alongside the maroon.

What material you choose will be highly dependent on what weather you are getting married in and where you are getting married. Velvet, silk and cotton are the most preferred materials, but if you are looking for extensive embroidery then cotton would be the best bet.

When you are picking out a wedding day outfit, ensure that you pick out something that is indo western sherwani, because that is what will make you stand out.

Indo Western Traditional Dresses for Men at Bodyline Store

1363235_0x580.jpgIndo western dresses are today’s new contemporary look for the modern man who wants to wear modern styled clothing with traditional Indian attire. The sherwani has long been worn in South Asia, especially in Pakistan but can be seen throughout the region in a variety of designs, fabrics and colors.

This Indo Western sherwani from Bodyline is fashionable enough for either the wedding or a night out and paired with nice slacks and shoes is an outfit that will have ladies lining up at the door! Made of silk jacquard, this sherwani has intricate embellishments and patterns on background. Pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to wear!

This Indo Western Sherwani is a total knockout. The perfect outfit to win over the lady of your dreams. An impressive pattern atop a pure silk sherwani just oozes of masculinity and has quite a regal look.

1363328_0x580Make way for the well-dressed man! This contemporary designer Sherwani is from Bodyline and has the look of sophistication. Big buttons and a unique pattern – this outfit is ready to go! Make it even more formal by adding a turban and matching stole to finish out the look.

Time to get out and have some fun in this jodhpuri sherwani and black sherwani kurta. All eyes will be upon you when your step out in style in this stunning ensemble that is full of ethnic charm. Add a matching stole for a more traditional Indo western experience and get ready to be the star of the show!