Fashionable Wedding Apparels for Men at Your Door

Men’s wear has undergone a great change with an upsurge of designer clothes and wedding dresses for men fashion. From the casual kurta pajama as traditional wear and the normal pant shirt as western wear men’s fashion and mens wear has travelled a long distance to become equally versatile and fashionable as women’s wear with the introduction of designer clothes like sherwanis, stylish men’s kurta suits, jackets, suits etc.

Designers and stylists are now creating innovative and stylish designer clothes for men to wear on weddings and other grand occasions. Just like we find a magnificent variety of wedding sarees, bridal lehengas, bridal suits etc. for women we have designer sherwani, stylish kurta pajamas, wedding mens kurta pajama etc. as wedding dresses for men.

These wedding dresses for men consist of a vast variety of wedding sherwani, Indian kurta online, choice of lowers or pants for the fashion men. These mens wear are available in a large spectrum of color combinations and shades which you can either chose depending upon your skin color and taste or match with the color of the bridal wear if it is your wedding and you are looking for wedding sherwani as a groom’s dress.

Among the numerous colors like white, red, cream and so on you can easily choose the one that goes well with your complexion and personality. May be if you’d like something bold and distinctive, you’ve got at your disposal a wide variety of grey, black to a whole range of other colors select. Kurta pajama is the most comfortable garment for mens wear.

These wedding dresses for men or simply put Wedding Sherwani are different from other mens wear in the sense these are not only made from richer and more expensive fabrics but are also heavily embroidered and richly embellished to give a magnificent and majestic look to the bridegroom. These wedding dresses are typically worn with jewelry and other matching style accessories including buttons in gold, silver and also other valuable stones to add to the majestic look.

With the fast growing popularity of online shopping, a spectacular variety of designer clothes are today easily available online for you to buy wedding dresses for men online from the comfort of your home and saving on your valuable time which is a much sought after scarcity on a grand occasion like wedding.

If you are looking to buy wedding dresses for men online, you have just come at the right platform as Bodyline Store is one of the leading fashion shopping stores for Indian traditional designer clothes for men. From our exclusive collection of mens fashion, you can easily choose a sherwani, Kurta pajama for an upcoming occasion and surprise the gathering with your stylish appearance.


Kurta for Men Online Shopping

1364383_0x580Bold gold designing is a trademark of the Indian royals. Using gold threading and expensive materials combing these with embroidery patterns that exude tradition are trademarks of the Indian Fashion Industry.

And this awesome Kurta Pajama is a baby of this new face of Indian fashion. Silk a fabric that has for a long time been the center piece of Asian culture is used in this Kurta Pajama. Silk is a very strong fabric that has a royal shine and sheen.

The neckline of this Kurta Pajama is bold in gold. A huge pattern covers the front of the mens kurta suits from the neck to the chest. The curves and dots in this design are a blend of traditional and modern forms of embroidering. It was carefully crafted in mind keeping the Indians global taste.

1364606_0x580What has been created here is something that travels past boundaries. Matching patterns on the neck and hand cuffs, complemented by beautiful embroidery patterns across the body. This Kurta has an awe of simplicity and richness about itself.

It makes the wearer feel the pride and history associated with this costume. The joy of owning a silk Kurta Pajama is very valuable to the Indian because purchase of a silk clothing denotes something auspicious.

This Kurta Pyjama has been completed with attention given to every inch of it. The care taken to make it complete and perfect are clearly visible in the beautiful bordering given at the lower level of top and at the cuffs.

It comes with a contrast matching Pyjama that matches with the embroidery on the neckline and cuffs. Getting yourself a mojri to go with this garment which requires very little maintenance will make a wonderful option to be worn by a bridegroom or to any special occasion by a person who is looking for something special.

Bodyline Store is one of the most popular mens clothing shop for Shopping. Bodyline has the largest collection of Kurta Pajama, Wedding Kurta pajama, sherwani, and wedding jodhpuri suits at the most reasonable price which can be purchased online and are delivered all over the world.

Designer Kurta Pajama for Men Online

1364606_0x580The richness of Indian culture and traditional heritage is quite well captured by the country’s traditional attires. Kurta Pajamas are one of those garments that carry that ethnic appeal. To make these garments fit for formal occasions, Designer Kurta Pajamas are made available in an assortment of styles, patterns and colours. A leading manufacturer and supplier of Designer Kurta Pajama, Sherwani Store strives to satiate the requirements of all those people who want to look both chic and their ethnic best. Whether you are looking for durability, exclusivity of patterns or sturdiness, you can always look forward to getting your demands fulfilled at Sherwani Store.

A knee-length Kurta with specific embroidery and handwork and a loss fitting Pajama comprise the designer kurta online. The Kurta features a round neck and intricate patterns of Chikan embroidery (a traditional handwork originating from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh). The use of Chikan and embroidery work and the heady combination of light and dark softer fabrics create a wonderful effect, appreciated by both the young and the young at heart. One of the most common designs on a Designer Kurta Pajama begins with a center square shape. Next, traditional embroidery patterns are created around the square. These Kurta Pajamas truly give a classy look if proper selection of fabric and colour is made. Fitting of the garment, however, always plays a pivotal role.

Though plain Kurta Pajama are usually considered to be not very formal wear, the Designer Kurta Pajamas are well suited for parties, wedding celebrations, traditional festivals, family get-togethers are other such special occasions. These specially crafted garments not only enhance your overall appearance, but at the same they also provide a vibrant ethnic touch. Over the last few years, Designer Kurta Pajamas have gained a lot of appreciation. Almost every second day, new designs, styles and patterns are being introduced to cater to people of all backgrounds and tastes.

At Bodyline Store, you have an opportunity to select mens kurta suits from wide range of colours, styles and fabric. Our well versed craftsmen have an innate talent to see to the minutest details whether in terms of the quality of fabric used or the embroidery work done on them. As a widely recognized traditional costume manufacturer and supplier, we assure you superior quality and value-added services. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime you want and let us have the responsibility to provide you with a range of trendy and ethnic Designer Kurta Pajamas. You can also buy mens sherwani and pathani suits at

Buy Sherwani Online for a Rich Indian Wedding

sherwani for menThere is no better outfit suited for weddings apart from a traditional sherwani for men. These are available in many styles, colors and design patterns. Several Bollywood stars have donned them in movies as well as reality. Kurta pajama and mens suits could be the trendy choice, however several men prefer to wear a sherwani on their special day.

Sherwani is a long coat that’s buttoned to the neck with the length typically extending just below the knee. India is a land of myriad cultures and festivals. Weddings and festive occasions are celebrated lavishly here. Indian men have no qualms about spending generously on sherwani suits for special occasions. Apart from sherwani, men’s Indo western outfits are also popular among men. Indo western sherwani became a rage in fashion circles. Women are progressively wearing the anarkali suit or trouser salwar kameez to look trendy and different. All of those add an Indo-western twist.

The increasing innovations made in the fashion industry, you get to see lots of designer sherwanis in the market. The most popular wedding dresses for men, embroidered sherwanis are done with thread work or zari work. Sherwani suits look majestic and more elegant with rich colors and embroidery threads. Sherwanis are available in various fabrics like georgette, silk, cotton, poly-silk, brocade and crepe. Buy sherwani online from Bodyline Store. You will find a variety of ethnic Indian clothes here. From traditional sherwanis to designer embellished ones, all of them are available right here. Match these stylish garments with traditional footwear to suit any occasion.

Designer Kurta Pajama for festival and Weddings

1458936_1024x0Many people refer kurta pajama as a traditional dress and this outfit is very popular Indian ethnic fashion among mens and boys. Kurta wore till the knee length with comfort trouser pajama. Being an international fashion trends in market and of the people are opting western wearing present days even though kurta pajama has made its special place in fashion market.

People are becoming more enough in fashionable clothes like western wear. A bunch of people appears in fashionable dresses on any occasion. In spite of that kurta pajama is somehow different looking on people they wear it on special festive season. Some other factors which are very important to opt kurta pajama as daily wearing. This dress is very comfortable for its looseness. Many people used to wear as night dress to get more comfort level while sleeping. Designer Kurta Pajama has categories like pathani kurta pajama, churidar kurta pajama and so on. There are several other stylish and recommendable designs which is used on special occasions like wedding, sangeet function etc.

Such outfits are opting out to make you different in the crowd like party. Present days designer kurta pajamas are coming in the market in various designs, styles and sizes. Embroidery designs are also in fame for collar designs and front embroidery designs. Designer kurta pajamas are made by fabrics like silk, brocade, jacquard etc. Wedding kurta Pajama is the most common choice in wedding ceremony. Such occasions people wear kurta pajama and they keep long dupatta on shoulder to make more attractive. On wedding the latest collection of embroidery kurta pajama are in fashion. On the receptions such outfits are used in craze.

Sangeet ceremony is an important section before getting marriage a bride and groom. These parties require colorful attire for both men and women. They wear embroidery dress and make it more appealing in such party. Girls and boys prefer to wear colorful Mens Kurta Pajama and churidar pajama in Sangeet parties.

So, these are many occasions when people use such type of outfits, and online shopping is the best way for choosing a good quality clothes and designs as well, because when you go to a shop it is very confusing while watching many designs, it is very important to choose new varieties from shop. Apart from this online shopping is more convenient for all age person, while visiting shopping site on web, there are many shops of designers those providing a new range every day. Shop online with Bodyline Store to get various sections of designs.

Shop Designer Collection of Indian Mens Kurtas 2017

1363319_0x580Are you searching for trendy and stylish kurtas for men in India? Then worry not, because Bodyline Store has stored latest collection of Indian kurtas for men. Mens kurtas have become an essential part of Indian culture for their ageless and timeless fashion. With the increasing number of kurta brands in India, consumers are getting more and more into wearing kurtas for weddings, engagements, and other cultural events. Bodyline Store has sorted an entire section for mens fashion, where you can find endless products based on your needs. Luckily, you may browse our latest collection of mens kurtas 2017 in the above section and choose what best matches your needs.

You can now choose from latest men Kurta designs 2017 and buy highest quality men’s kurtas in India from leading designer brands at Bodyline Store.

Get Access to Latest Kurtas Collection in India 2016

A mélange of designs and stitching cuts are available in a range of hues and shades ranging from the nude to the subtler and the darker tones. You can find plain as well as embellished and intricately embroidered kurtas at our online portal. sherwani for men with kurtas are available for weddings and festivals such as Eid. These are usually heavily worked accompanied by intricate bead work and patchwork. Hand embroidered mens kurta designs as well as kurta with mens kurta pajama online are also part of our Kurta corner exclusively catering to the groom.

Stand out on All Occasions and Seasons

Whether it is your wedding or that of someone you love, shop from our versatile range 1364634_0x580of Kurtas for men and stand out. Advise your loved ones wisely and help them choose what is best for them from our mens kurtas corner. Whether you are a middle-aged or an elderly male or a teenage boy, we have the best designs available for you. Mens and boys kurtas are available in a range of fabrics such as cotton for casual use, and velvet, pure silk and jamawar for formal wear. For summers, cotton and raw cotton kurtas are available whereas for winters, cambric cotton is suitable. Pure silk is suitable for the spring season.

The best thing about our online portal is that you get to choose from a number of brands and compare and contrast them based on price, design, colors, usability, occasion, quality, and your personal style and brand preferences. You may also choose from our collection of stylish mojari for men to compliment sherwani with your dressing.

Our kurta collection will ensure you are the center of attention on all occasions. Immerse yourself in the amazing collection of Indian kurtas for men and experience an everlasting grandeur and magnificence.

Convenience is provided at your doorstep by providing you hassle-free shipping with cash on delivery and a money-back guarantee in case you wish to get the products returned. Online shopping in India is made easier with Bodyline Store’s compatible mobile app for shoppers in India, allowing them to place orders of Kurtas on their smartphones.

Online Kurta Shopping in India at Bodyline Store

When it comes to eastern wear, a kurta is one of the finest items you can choose. It is rare that a piece of clothing can tell you so much about heritage and culture. Kurta is one of such Indian men’s clothing items. Kurta is frequently worn by men, especially on festive occasions like Eid and weddings. The popularity of the dress can be judged from the fact that leading brands have come up with amazing Mens kurtas designs in India. These kurtas can now be bought online in India at the best prices right here at Bodyline Store.

How to Buy Kurtas for Men?

Buying a kurta seems an easy task, but there are many things to consider when purchasing one. To help you out in what things to look at when purchasing a kurta, the following guide will come in handy.

What to Look for When Buying Kurtas Online?

What to Look for When Buying Kurtas for Men?

Occasion: Occasion play an important part choosing and buying kurtas for men. Whether its eid, wedding or just casual attendance, you must know how to buy mens kurta for every occasion. Black kurtas and navy blue kurtas always remain in fashion for their bold and masculine appearance. For instance, in a wedding or Eid, you will opt for mens unstitched clothes with heavy design and embroidery. For casual wear, you would probably go for a simple design.

Material: You also need to look at the material of the kurta. For that, you need to first take into account the weather conditions i.e., you must wear cool and lightweight kurtas for summer. Cotton and linen kurtas are best options for summers. In winters, you need a warm material to protect you from the harsh winter cold. Wool or fleece kurtas for men are good choice in such weathers.

Color and Design: Color and design of the kurta is a key consideration. Kurtas are highly versatile in terms of design and colors. For festive occasions, you can opt for flashy kurtas while for casual wear, you should opt for a mellow design. As far as designing goes, you can have heavy embroidery on the kurta. It all depends on your personal needs.

Size and Fit: The size and fit of the kurta is extremely important. A well fitted kurta will look really great on you as compared to an ill fitted kurta. Therefore, it is important to know your measurements so that you can buy a fitted kurta that looks really great on you.

Bodyline Store has a wide variety of Indian kurtas for men including sherwani, kurta sets, suits & blazer, Nehru jacket, business suits and more at very affordable rates.


Designer Wedding Kurta Pajama for Men

1321777_0x580Kurta Pajama is one of the basic styles of conventional Indian wear of men. The kurta is male tunic that is worn over a Pajama. It is a long and loose-fitting long shirt over pants. The Kurta Pajama can either be full length or short length till the waist. The full length kurta can be till the ankles or till the knees. The Kurta style can be either formal or informal depending on how it is actually made. This is commonly worn with veshti or long flowing skirt. With a little variation in the kurta or in the Pajama, the Indian attire can be worn in various ways. Some of the common styles are: the regular style, pathani kurta online, kurta and Churidhar Pajama.

Wedding kurta pajama: The most important of the wedding is the dress to be worn. Kurta pajama is one of the most favored choices of dress for men. Some of the recent collections of wedding kurta pajama are embroidered kurta pajamas for marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions, designer wedding kurtta pajama, Indian Kurta pajama and many more.

Mehendi kurta pajama: Mehendi is one of the important parts of the marriage. It is a function that requires less embroidered or printed dresses. Here are some of the recent collection of Mehendi kurta pajama includes Mehndi silk kurta pajama, designer brocade mehndi Kurta pajama, designer mehndi Kurta pajama and etc.

Designer kurta pajama: This kind of pajama is perfect wear for those who want to look distinct in the crowd. It is available in variety of colors, designs and sizes to satisfy the needs of the customers. An exclusive collection of designer kurta pajama includes silk designer kurta pajama, jacquard designer Kurta pajama, brocade designer Kurta pajama and etc.

Sangeet kurta pajama: During the Sangeet ceremony men typically wear conventional kurta pajamas. An extensive collection of Sangeet kurta pajamas are designer Sangeet kurta pajama, silk kurta pajama, jacquard Sangeet kurta pajama and so on.

There are lots of sites on the internet where you can find perfect design to price ratio for you.

Bodyline Store is one of the most popular Indian Clothing shop for Shopping. Bodyline Store has the largest collection of Kurta Pajama, Men suits, and Sherwani Online at the most reasonable price which can be purchased online and are delivered all over the world.