Buy Wedding Sherwani for Traditional Indian Grooms

The use of sherwani is one of the best choices for many Indian grooms as it is well considered as one of the most beautiful attire for marriage in Indian culture. In a simple term to understand it is basically a close-fitting jacket of long knee size with a Nehru collar style. Along with tight-fitting churidar trousers, which is quite very similar to an achkan and serve as a perfect traditional look to an Indian groom.

1363372_0x580During the wedding session, the groom and bride always think to choose some most beautiful attire on their special day that enhances their overall presence among the guests. There is a huge demand for traditional Wedding Sherwani as it just looks stunning and perfect for the Indian groom-especially when the groom is tall.

How to avail latest Wedding Sherwani

Buying the latest trendy cloth is very easy these days because of the presence of online shops. Most of the people do not like to visit the traditional virtual shop for buying their wedding pieces of stuff when the comfort services are well offered by the online merchants. Most of the times, it is observed that the Bollywood fashion is getting transformed into the mainstream for wedding attire.

In the wedding time, there is plenty of ceremonies takes place on a different day and time. Keeping in mind that the groom and bride have their own set of dresses as per the schedule functions are like engagement, sangeet, jaimala Shaadi and reception. Many grooms would love to pick the designer Indo western sherwani for their wedding day as it appears traditional as well as modern attire for the perfect day.

Choose online shopping services offers greater benefits:

  • 24/7 customer support system
  • It offers wide collections of wedding and general attire for all
  • It is well convenient and comfortable for everyone
  • It serves the customer with a safe and secure way of payment
  • It is a good platform for the seekers to pick the desirable products as per their own convenient time and need

6971b712-155e-4d36-8ff3-6777cfcab941All these features help the customer to get their best wedding dress and their matching accessories that not only make them look beautiful but also save a huge time and money if they shop through online mode. There is a huge demand for sherwani attire for wedding and jaimala events and most of the groom feels that it is one of the most traditional forms of garments that is basically known for Indian groom.

Mainly many customers in these days would love to pick the desirable services from the online merchants as all the fashionable and trendy dresses are well available and apart from these the designer attire are also served by the online merchants at greater discounted rates. All these sherwani are well available in the wide collection it can be pink, red, maroon, yellow, golden, brown etc.

Basically, this attire is made with heavy silk and poly silk materials for wedding attire. Most of the sherwani is also comes in cotton form also but for the wedding function, the demand for silk-based products are more. In another term, it can be also stated as whatever the fabric but all the wedding sherwani are just well designed and heavily embroidered that gives its stunning beauty look.



Dressing Up with Kurta Pajama for Diwali Festival

27752557_1949091328451795_2727964408661173103_nIt is known that Diwali is considered as the festival that is celebrated throughout the country. The festive fills up fun and joy for the whole day. There are many new trends is introduced during the festive period and people make a lot of purchase of trendy dresses. They present themselves to be gorgeous on the special occasion.

Men mostly prefer kurta which is a loose lengthy shirt that falls under the knees or above knees. Kurta can also weared as a loose salwar by women. This can be matched along with the tight fit jeans which are suitable for the night time as well as daytime appearance. Kurta is a traditional dress that is worn by many countries.

Categories of Kurta

Kurta can be worn in various climatic conditions such that in the summer season kurta with the combination of silk and cotton hugely demanded by the people. People also make a purchase of kurta that is made out of khadi silk and wool. These are considered to be a comfortable dress that can be used in formal as well as casual occasions.

They appear to be an elegant dress that always remains as fashion which is preferred by all age groups of men. Though the Kurta Pajama introduced in the Indian subcontinent now it is used countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. This type of dress well matches with the dhotis, jeans and pants. This is the primary reason for the preference of the kurta among the other type of dresses.

The festive wear kurta is prepared in different colors made out of silk fabric. These dresses are embroidered with floral designs featured with the decorative collar as well as sleeves. Men used to wear in religious plus social functions which make them feel to be young and elegant.

Make your wedding to be a special event

There are variations in the kurta depending on the various parts and the grooms tend to wear representing the culture of the place.  Men used to wear increased embossed design that embroidered to resemble the wedding occasion as a grand function. They also design the kurta as an attractive dress for the wedding occasion.

Sherwani kurta designed with elegant style. They are modelled with semi collar silver thread embroidery. They also design them both in front and back side of the kurta such that they make the occasion to be a special event. Anarkali style kurta is designed for a man that makes them appear as like an ancient king.

Men also tend to wear the kurta on the wedding occasion which makes them be stand out of the crowd. Wedding Kurta is also referred to as kalidar kurta which is made out of chikan fabric with the dense embroidery. This type of kurta is majorly sold in all countries.

Few people also tend to prefer the kurta designed with glass and bead works to make the dress as a grand material which grabs the attention of many people. Thus these reasons make the kurta to be a dress that is preferred by many people.

Various Types of Mens Wedding Suits

14178_0x580Men’s suits are among the foremost well-liked outfits worn for numerous occasions like weddings, social gatherings, job interviews and business conferences. The styles and designs of the suits alter with the changes in the fashion industry. With such a huge variety of designs and styles, choosing the most appropriate wedding suit can be quite a difficult task.

Types of Wedding Suits:

Italian Suits: One in all the most well-liked and trendy variety of mens suit includes the Italian suit. This suit is quite versatile and seems elegant on all body types. The waist tapers are made smaller than the shoulders which appear wider, so the entire suit gets a triangular effect. This is one of the most appealing suits which can be worn for any occasion.

Single Breasted Suits: Another popular variety of suit includes the single breasted. It can be worn for all occasions including job interviews and parties. However, it is ideal for men who possess an athletic body type.

Double Breasted Suits: Wedding attire also includes double breasted suit which appears elegant on tall and thin physique.

Contemporary Suit: People with short stature can choose to opt for contemporary suits which are quite classic and elegant. It is designed for people with less physique and athletic features. It is an elegant mens suits which draws attention to the face. Although it is a classic wear, it is quite comfortable.

British Suit: This classic attire is specifically designed for men with heavy built. It includes a single row of button down in the front. This gives a taller and thinner appearance to the wearer.

14086_0x580Tips to Choose Wedding Suits:

It is quite important to remember that every man possesses different body types and physical features. Therefore, it’s important to choose apparel according to individual body shape and features. men’s suits are available in several cuts and styles to suit different types of people. Single breasted suits are suitable for athletic body type whereas double breasted are suitable for lean body type.

Wedding suits are available in a huge variety of colors too. Colors also exude a deep impact on the personality of the wearer. So it is necessary to choose appropriate colors that blend well with the complexion of the wearer. Black, charcoal and navy suits appear chic and elegant on people with fair complexion, although black colored attires exude sophistication and opulence. Men with dark complexion can choose light shades which can enhance their total appearance.

The quality of the fabric is another factor to consider before choosing men’s suits. Choose fabrics which are wrinkle-free so as to appear formal and smart. Suits can be tailor made to enhance the body features of the wearer.

Light fabrics and colors are appropriate for summer weddings. But for winter wedding functions, it is necessary to choose dark colors and fabrics to appear formal and sophisticated.

You can find more collection of party or wedding dresses at

Buy Sherwani Online in USA – Bodylinestore

1556104_0x580Traditional attires of each and every country have some special significance. It is highly appreciated in every corner of the world. Take for example a girl wearing a sari and a girl wearing western outfits will have a great difference. Sari is traditional attire that has its own beauty. The same is applicable in case of men too. Sherwani is a wonderful traditional outfit for men.

The Significance of Sherwani:

It can be well said in this context that the Sherwani USA Online is quite famous and renowned across the world. It is such attire that can be worn both during festive seasons and also during the wedding time. Some sherwani’s have beautiful work that gives it a wonderful look. Most of the sherwani’s can be purchased through online sites.

The fashion of wearing Sherwani’s was also prevalent during the ancient period. However, with the passage of time, the designs and concepts have been changed to some extent. Most of the boys prefer to wear it during marriage periods as they are very convenient to wear and also easy to maintain.

1556126_0x580They are found in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Many renowned attire companies manufacture Sherwani’s, especially for festive seasons. They have heavy embroidered work throughout the body. The colours are very decent and elegant. They are perfect for any occasion.

Other Features of Sherwani:

On the other hand, most of the materials and fabrics used for stitching Sherwani’s are of high quality. They will retain the original colour and work even after a long time. The prices of the sherwani’s vary as per their work.

Simple designer sherwani’s are comparatively of a low price than the heavy embroidered one. The more the work the more is the price. The cuttings and styles are also unique from the other. The indo-western sherwani style is very common these days. Most of the men prefer to wear it. The mandarin neck on sherwani is very much in fashion.

1556274_0x580Complete Overview of Sherwani’s:

Well, the availability of Sherwani Online USA has made it very easy for those who are living in different countries of the world. They can now easily purchase designer and fashionable sherwani’s at a much reasonable rate.

Apart from this, there are other advantages to this type of shopping. The purchased item will easily arrive at the doorstep of the customer within a very short span of time. Most of the costumes can be purchased at a discounted rate too.

Men sherwani are very classy and stylish. The colours are very bright and are perfect for any occasion. They are easy to wear and easy to wash. Most of the festive seasons and weddings are totally incomplete without a gorgeous Sherwani.

Thus in order to get an elegant and regal looks, it is quite essential to have some beautiful Sherwani’s in the Wardrobe. They can be easily fitted in any wardrobe as they have their own accessories that keep the wedding sherwani compact.

So it can be easily said that fashion is changing but traditional attires will never lose its beauty and importance.

Buy Sherwani Online for All Occasions

Maroon Sherwani Online

Maroon Sherwani Online

When it comes for an Indian wedding, it is not the occasion only for beautiful Indian brides to sparkle in the designer lehengas it is the best time for a groom as well to get attention from all wedding guests. The grooms are also excited about their wedding and want to look perfect on their special day.

Apart from the groom, his gang of friends also dresses up in best sherwanis to look no less than royal men. The mens sherwani is called as the ideal way of looking really attractive on all occasions. You can wear them at the wedding, during festivals and on other days.

Place an online order

You can find different styles and brands which offer you a wide number of options to go for. Shopping for these sherwanis is no more difficult. They are available online from which one can make an easy choice. You can place an order for this ethnic wear at affordable prices. Styling for all your favorite occasion is much easier now.

Sherwanis offer a unique look to every personality, there is a complete range of Sherwani available which are made of quality rated fabric and comes in different color combinations. You can feel the real essence and can get this detailed attire at fair prices. This is one outfit which is called as traditional dress for all men.

1363314_0x580Availability of rich collection

You can spoil yourself with different patterns, designs, styles, and colors. Many of the stars around also wear them and show off their personalities. They are worn by men on many occasions like, at their wedding, friend’s wedding, relative wedding, a special function or any other. Men feel really comfortable in this outfit and match their personality well.

The best collection of sherwani online is available. It can be called the Indian Jazz version. They make every man look smart, younger, sharp and alluring. You can carry them as per your desire and can create a style statement for the best occasion. This attire allows you to wear it differently on every occasion.

1541498_0x580Defines look and personality

Many classic colors like a combination of red and golden are most popular. Some of them are embellished with shiny stones too. You can wear them with golden color mojari. There is a space for keeping your pocket square and available at fair prices. It can define your whole look and personality.

It is known for its elegance and can attract instantly the people’s attention towards you. There are some of the Indo western Sherwani as well which are trending online. Styling yourself for a big occasion is now easy on the go. You can make the best selection from popular brands and grab the designer piece.

Flaunt in style

Get creative and classic with these royal sherwani today and step in style. Buy them online at reasonable prices which feature many colors, patterns, and designs. Give your personality an ethnic and traditional in upcoming Indian occasion with these outfits and flaunt your style in the most pleasant way.

Trendiest Ways of Styling a Kurta Pajama

27752557_1949091328451795_2727964408661173103_nAn outfit that screams elegance, the Indian kurta pajama has been a favorite among men for centuries. With fashion, the outfit has undergone enough changes to give you a new look every day of the year. And with the creativity of fashionistas in the mix, a lot more can be done with a kurta pajama to create an entire new look altogether! From the kind of fabrics used in the making to the designs and patterns, you can find a plethora of ways to style this outfit without it seeming too monotonous.

Check out the different looks you can flaunt the next time you wear one!

The Different Types of Kurtas If you have steered clear of kurtas because of your physique, there is one fact that everyone must be made aware of. The right length and style of the kurta can make you look taller, buffer, or leaner than you are, depending on how you would like to be viewed. Here’s what you can try out!

1. Long kurtas: Kurtas that are lengthy can make you look taller than you are, being perfect for those with a penchant for height. You can pair long kurtas with pajamas or a churidaar.

2. Button-down kurtas: Button-downs have become quite a rage, making kurtas easier to get into and style as well! Whether you leave the buttons undone button up a little

3. Semi-shirt kurtas: Styling kurtas with buttons at the top, semi-shirt kurtas are perfect for casual wear and everyday use. Perfect for every weather, these kurtas can be paired with denims or casual pants and corduroys. You can also pair cargo pants with these kurtas for a dashing western look.

4. Short kurtas: Short kurtas are without a doubt the trendiest clothing item a man can own. A perfect substitute for tee, you can wear the short kurta with a dhoti if the occasion calls for it or wear a simple pair of denims to for a casual look. These are certainly your best options for a summer look.

Ways to Accessorize your Kurta

Kurta pajamas, albeit perfectly elegant on their own, can look a great deal more regal with the right accessories to go with it. From jewels to add-on clothing, you can try out styles of your own and start a trend for many others to follow.

Shawl: Like men’s sherwanis, there is no reason why you cannot pair a dupatta with a kurta pajama. If it is a designer kurta pajama you are flaunting at a wedding or an event as important, you can pair silk dupattas, or drape a shawl in a classy way to accentuate the elegance of the outfit you have on.

Gemstone accessories: Gem stones are yet another addition to men’s ethnic wear that manage to enhance the beauty of the outfit. With sparkling stone pendants that give your ensemble a regal feel to metal bracelets that grace your wrist, you can try out a number of accessories that go with a kurta pajama and manage to give off an ethnic feel.

Nehru jackets: A Nehru jacket paired with a kurta pajama is sure to add to the beauty of the outfit when crafted using the right fabric. If you’d rather not wear it for a particular event, you can always take it off and flaunt just the kurta pajama.

Footwear: The right footwear can change the way you look significantly. With ethnic outfits such as a kurta pyjama, wearing footwear that matches your outfit without taking the show off it is what you should aim for while purchasing tag-alongs for your.

Styling Kurta Pajamas according to Seasons

Seasons come and seasons go, and so do fashion trends. If you love flaunting the latest trends, here’s what you can do while donning a trendy kurta pajama in different seasons.

Wearing kurtas in the winters

One of the best things about winters for men is that keeping with the latest fashion trends for ethnic wear becomes as easy as a stroll in the park. And since most weddings take place in the winters, there is so much that men can do to style their designer kurta pajamas right!

1. Pair a lovely shawl made of a warm fabric is perfect for wintry weathers if you are particularly prone to the cold. Look up various styles of draping the shawl to give your look a boost 2. Opt for kurtas with longer sleeves that are made of thicker fabric. Avoid cotton.

3. Make sure you choose bottoms that offer some semblance of warmth rather than one that leaves you shivering in the cold. A dhoti might be too airy to don during the winters. 4. Carry along a Nehru jacket that matches your outfit perfectly, giving you enough warmth to keep away the cold and stay fashionable.

Wearing kurtas in the summer

With summer months come the annoyance of dealing with tremendous heat, perspiration, staying cool, and keeping with the trend despite the odds. So, here are a few summer dressing tip we have for occasions when you plan on wearing men’s kurta pajama.

1. Opt for materials like cotton and linen that can soak perspiration

2. Wear pajamas or bottoms that are loose-styled to avoid feeling the brunt of the heat

3. Forego accessories and focus on staying as simple as possible

4. Make sure the materials you choose for both the kurta and the bottoms are light colored to reflect and deflect the heat as much as possible

5. Accessorize your outfit for a jazzier loo

Wearing kurtas in the monsoon

With monsoon being a season that combines all the things you hate about the summers and the winters (simply put, the extreme cold and the extreme heat), finding the right outfits to flaunt during important events may be difficult to do. Here’s what we suggest!

1. Choose bottoms that made of materials that are loose-fitted and easy to dry

2. Opt for short-sleeved kurtas made of a material that is cozy but not too warm

3. Carry along a shawl that you can drape when it gets cooler and take off when the heat beats down on you

Styling the Right Bottoms with your Kurta

The evolution of fashion has given one enough reasons to try their own experimentations with ethnic looks. For men, a kurta needn’t be paired with just a pajama. You can try a number of other bottom styles with your kurta, depending on the occasion as well as your confidence to pull off that look.

1. Pajamas

The most common bottom-style paired with a kurta, pajamas are no doubt comfortable and easy to wear. These pajamas are straight-cut, giving a perfect finish to your look on a snugly fit kurta.

2. Dhotis

Who doesn’t find dhotis fashionable in today’s day and age where vintage is making a comeback as a fad? Where dhotis were once considered to be an old man’s clothing item, they have taken the world by storm with the many variations to the attire.

3. Churidaar Pajama

This is yet another trend that has worked wonders in giving kurtas a whole new look. Perfect for long kurtas, churidaar pajama make one look taller with the bunching of fabric at the ankles giving an elegant look.

4. Corduroys

An indo-western look with a pair of corduroys and a kurta makes perfect sense together! Pair a sober colored bottom with a kurta in a loud shade. Along with contrasting the culture style of the outfit, you could go for patterns and shades that offer a splendid blend even though the contrast.

5. Jeans

A casual look with a kurta is perfect for an ordinary day out. What better than a pair of jeans to go along with a cotton kurta? Whether you are fond of long kurtas are shorter ones, every kurta type goes beautifully with denims.

How to Style a Black or White Kurta — Playing with colors

White and black are shades that are evergreen. No matter what the season or the century, a white or a black outfit will be always be welcome in the world of fashion. Here’s what we recommend you to do if you have a penchant for all things black or white:

Styling a white kurta

1. The classiest way to style a white kurta is to pair it with a white pajama or bottom, and carry a colorful shawl along

2. Go for bottoms that are bright, monochrome

3. Try a multi-colored dhoti if you are confident about pulling the look off in a classy way

4. Add a colorful or monochrome vest over your basic white kurta

Styling a black kurta

1. Go for all things bronze. A black kurta paired with a bronze pants and even a bronze shawl or dupatta as a carry along clothing item

2. Carry a colored dupatta or shawl to contrast with your all black kurta pajama

3. Pair jazzy accessories that stand out against the black of your outfit

Types of Footwear you can Pair with your Kurta Pajama

A lot of people believe that an ethnic must only be paired with another. However, mixing western wear with traditional outfits can create a look that turn heads your way wherever you go. Here’s what you can pair with your kurta pajama!


Popular as the Indian ethnic footwear, mojdis are intricately designed shoes that beautiful encase your feet, giving off a vintage yet elegant feel. Men can find these shoes in numerous shades such as silver, gold, and more, to blend well with their kurta pajama.

Classy sandals

For those who prefer airing their feet rather than enclosing them in a closed pair of footwear, a classy pair of sandals will work wonders in taking your Indian ethnic look to the next level.

Formal leather shoes

You can never go wrong with leather shoes, no matter what your style of clothing. Whether you wear ethnic wear for men or formal western wear, leather boots go stunningly well with any outfit.

Who can wear a Kurta Pajama?

With kurta pajama evolving, one can find the best kurta pajamas online not only for men but also for little kids. Along with snug fitting kurtas for men, parents can find kurtas for little boys in varying sizes that their children can flaunt at family functions, traditional occasions, and other celebrations.

Where can you wear a Kurta Pajama?

Kurta pajamas need no special reason to be flaunted. From casual places to special occasions, you can wear one any time of the day or season, without being out of trend.


Weddings see the most number of people dressed in their ethnic best. If you have a wedding to attend soon, finding a comfortable yet styling kurta pajama would be the right choice for you. You can find lovely designer kurta pajama that would suit the occasion perfectly.

Casual Outings

With casual and simple kurta pajamas available, you can don on a plain cotton kurta with a comfortable pair of pajamas to wear when you step on a day’s outing.

Cultural Events

The number of cultural events Indians see in a year is higher than any other culture. This is enough reason to get your wardrobes filled with kurta pajamas for one occasion every month.


Regular kurta pajamas are the perfect formal wear for offices and corporate meetings. Cotton or linen kurtas, being ideal for every occasion, can be worn to work daily and allow you as much flexibility that is not possible with other formal attire.

Where can you buy a Kurta Pajama?

While most stores have a great inventory of stylish and designer kurta pajamas, you can browse through the most gorgeous collection of ethnic wear for men online at — the one-stop destination for all Indian ethnic wear. From dhoti kurtas for men and Pathani suits to wedding kurta pajamas and more for special occasions, you can find it all in designs that are sure to make you the star of every event.

Ethnic & Classy Independence Day Attire For Men

new-piktochart_31638050Celebrate this 72nd Independence Day in royal traditional attire. Enhance your wardrobe with traditional and conventional kurtas from Bodylinestore. By wearing these you will emanate your immaculate principles and respect for our country and our culture.

An elegant pure white kurta with artistic machine embroidery is all what it takes to convey that you are man of an impeccable character. The flawless standing collar neck and the bead buttons accentuate the look. Pair it with a white chudi legged bottom which shows the powerful contours of your leg or a dressy Patiala to look contemporary. You can also toss it on faded blue jeans in style.

Grooming is important for men too. Look classy with a ‘Tom Cruise’ haircut from Top Gun. You can don a silver or golden kada, golden watch and black goggles to accessorize for the occasion. Wear a contrasting colored stone studded brooch to get the right look. Go for footwear that are white or silver mojaris or kolhapuri chappals.

Golden Kurta

Classic golden kurta with tiny diamond, self-designed motifs and a contrasting bandi or modi coat gives an exquisite appeal. The royal coat in maroon has a pocket square, two waist pockets and polished rounded black buttons. Pair this unique kurta with a matching golden chudi legged bottom or a white chudi legged bottom to have the desired traditional look and feel. You can wear it on a pair of faded light blue jeans to look contemporary.

A clean shaven look with a ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ hairstyle will look smokin hot. A golden bracelet and a thin short chain would be the right way to accessorize. You can also wear a contrasting colored stone brooch. Pick footwear like golden mojaris or velvet dark brown leather juttis with golden lion head embroidered skillfully that will add to your festive attire.

Royal Blue Kurta

royal blue kurta with golden shimmer and contrasting beige colored bandi or modi coat will set you apart by giving you a prince charming look. The coat features a pocket square with a beautiful contrasting pattern, two waist pockets and polished rounded platinum. There is a special design at the handcuffs of the kurta that sets it apart from the rest of the collection. The color combination of the kurta and coat gives you an unique chance to don a pearl necklace which will make you feel like the royal nawab. If you are not for pearls then you can wear a simple gold chain and bracelet. This ensemble gives you plenty options for hair and beard style.

You can get a decent army hair cut or a pulled back hairstyle like Saif Ali Khan. Wearing beard and moustache like Ranveer Singh in ‘Bajirao Mastani’ would also look good on this dress. Team it with kolhapuri chappals having intricate embroidery or a blue jutti with golden lion head embroidered artistically.

White Long Kurta

A graceful white long kurta with exemplary artistic floral embroidery on a contrasting bandi or modi coat is what you need to get the cultured and handsome look. The Jodhpuri coat is in beige color with grand and dramatic floral designs all over. The same design is there on the cuffs of the sleeves as well. A contrasting pocket square, two waist pockets and matching white shiny round buttons in the centre add a sober look to the coat. This royal kurta needs to be paired with white chudi legged bottom or a straight pajama in white. You can also wear it on deep blue or grey jeans to have a contemporary look.

Now, for your hairstyle decide if you want to look hot or as adorable chocolate boy. Go for Aamir Khan’s haircut from ‘Satyamev Jayate’ to look like a cute chocolate boy or the classic SRK haircut to look desirable. Go for footwear in beige color like a pair of mojaris with a white tint.

Our collection is rich and exquisite which will make you look sensuous and classy. Get yourself a traditional or Indo-Western Kurta from P N Rao this Independence Day and look your ethnic best. Start Shopping now! Happy Independence Day in advance and happy shopping too!

Most Trendy Colors for Your Wedding Sherwani This Season

1618171_1600x654.jpgGone are the days when Indian males were not bothered about their looks and they used to wear selected colors and dress. Nowadays, the males are also paying attention to their looks. They don’t want to limit themselves with two or three traditional manly colors or styles. They are keener to experiment with their looks. Thanks to the Bollywood and different designer houses who are busy in making these wedding wear more stylish and trendy. Nowadays, the soon to be married men have lots of options not only in terms of wedding wears, but also in terms of color as well. You can pick your wedding dress in various vibrant and chick color.

Peach: The best thing about peach, it is very soothing and nice color. It mixes well with other colors. You can pick anything from a sherwani, lower or a jacket in peach. Steal the trendy look by wearing this different and soothing color on your wedding day. Don’t forget to match your color with your bride’s attire.

Purple: This color is very royal and rich. It has something in it, something very magical and royal. If you will buy your wedding dress in this royal color you will add elegance in your personality. You can pick any shade of purple from royal violet, plum and raisin to the lighter shades like lilac, lavender and some similar tones. You have a very wide range to choose from as your wedding dress color and look elegant on your D day. This royal color will look nice on both on wedding sherwani and even on wedding suit.

Champagne: This is very classy and elegant color which looks nice on almost every one. You can include this bold color in your wedding jacket or sherwani. It is just a perfect choice for all those who want to go for elegant and sophisticated look on their wedding day. Make your special day more royal by adding a touch of this elegant and romantic color to your wedding dress. A sherwani in this elegant color is a perfect choice for your wedding day.

Royal Blue: Blue is one of the most favorite color of almost all males. You can’t imagine a male’s wardrobe without anything blue in it. But, this new shade of blue is also gaining popularity among the modern males. You can try this soothing and cooler version of blue for your wedding suit or even for your sherwani. Men’s western wear simply looks stunning. You can wear a cool white shirt with your blue wedding suit to complete your wedding looks. Even, you can wear something trendy on your mehendi ceremony to make your style statement.

Grey: This is one of the most preferred non-traditional and elegant colors. It is just a perfect choice for modern men. Whether you are planning to wear a sherwani or suit, this color is just perfect for you to make your style statement on your wedding day. If you want to look super stylish, yet traditional then this color is just perfect for your wedding dress. You can opt for a wedding suit or jacket or sherwani in grey color teamed up with some other contrasting shade.

Yellow: Yellow is no doubt a tricky color and it is not easy to carry. With the right combination of yellow mixed with some other shade can help in making you style statement. If you are not very sure about wearing yellow on your wedding day, then you can wear this joyful and vibrant color on your sangeet ceremony or wedding reception. You can wear a white kurta with yellow color jacket or yellow kurta with white churidar to make your style statement. This is a shade which is so bright and colorful and just a perfect pick for your exciting wedding events.

Men’s Wedding Blazers – Wedding Formal Wear

14086_0x580Blazers are a section of the men’s formal wear. trendy and sensible they’re usually worn with a proper suit for formal occasions like weddings, parties, official conferences, etc. currently blazers have also been popularized as semi-formal wear for men and women each. however, men’s wedding blazers, is the hottest variety of blazers. They are an essential formal wear for the occasion. It is a part of the formal wear and is, traditionally, worn under the blazer.


The fabric used for wedding blazers is a shiny material for an added touch of glamor and finesse. The popular fabrics used for manufacturing these blazers are linen, silk, wool and blends of other fabrics with these basic materials.


Men’s blazers for wedding wear are available in a huge variety of colors. Although black blazers are of the more popular kinds, other colors also look good. Bright men’s wedding blazers look nice when worn along with black blazers. Some of the popular colours in men’s blazers are brown, beige, silver, black, deep blue, mauve, golden, white, blue, green, red and more. Briefly any color is made to suit the marriage formal wear demand.

Men’s Wedding Blazer Styles

Blazers are available in a variety of styles. Almost all of them can be tapered with and modified to be the perfect wedding blazer. Formal blazers for the wedding are of two main types:

Single Breasted

Double Breasted

The basic difference between double breasted and single breasted wedding blazers is in the style of buttons in them. Double breasted blazers have two columns of buttons on either sides of the blazer. Single breasted blazers on the other hand have a single column of buttons. Both these styles look smart and sophisticated as wedding wears.

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Find Trendy Men’s Kurta Pajama Store Online

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Indian festivals come up more frequently than school tests, making choosing the right outfit a pain. Being well-dressed is, undoubtedly, a priority, forbidding you from picking out the most favorite shirt in your wardrobe that has more creases than your pet pug.

Keeping up with your family to look sophisticated and urbane is a task best left to the outfit you choose. And the best ensemble for any Indian festival, event, or occasion is donning traditional Indian attire. However, figuring out where you can get the best traditional clothing, be it an Indian kurta pajama or a sherwani, can be a daunting task. To make it easier for you, here is how you can find trendy men’s kurta pajama and more for the next grand event:

Indian Stores: Indians in US are hardly a surprising sight, making Indian stores a much more common vision than imaginable. Although sighting restaurants is easier, finding the right clothing store is exactly liking hitting a jackpot. If there aren’t any stores around you, asking your Indian neighbors and family friends might help you save time. You can stock up your wardrobes with every imaginable Indian ensemble or attire once you know where to look. However, shopping in such stores do have a downside. These outfits, if shopped offline, may cost you more than you are willing to bargain for.

Online shopping portals: Browsing on your laptop is bound to bring up a long list of Indian clothing stores online than you might have even at a three hours’ drive from home. A few of the online shopping portals offering traditional Indian kurta and more also offer customized ensembles according to your height and size. This makes it, even more, easier to shop with you practically getting everything you need without stepping out of your home. Online stores also tend to provide discounts and offer every now and then, allowing you to save more than you can by shopping outdoors. Another advantage to getting the desired Indian clothing online is being able to compare the prices of items needed with other stores in order to figure out which one would be most economical.

So, the next time you wish to shop for men’s kurta pajama or other traditional Indian outfits for upcoming occasions, make sure you give online stores a good look before you decide to head out on a shopping spree.